ICITP – The Institute of Chartered IT Professionals is the prestigious Information Technology Professional Body creating the IT profession in Southern African, the rest of Africa and the world at large. ICITP is dedicated to managing the IT profession, making sure that competency, recognition and professionalism is effectively promoted in Information Technology at all levels.

The objective of ICITP is to create a structured and yet vibrant environment for its members to become the next generation of high-impact entrepreneurs, turning their I.T. based skills into business ideas and into actual start-up and successful ventures.

To ensure the advancement of the NFQ by promoting public interest and trust in the Information Technology Profession by encouraging ongoing professional development; developing and maintaining standards for the practice of Information Technology and facilitating access to its designations in recognition of deserving Information Technology practitioners in South Africa.


Work Integrated Learning

These are Live labs to help Information Technology students or graduates practice in a genuine work environment on real equipment.


The ICT industry faces a critical shortfall of entrepreneurial and business skills and it does not have enough jobs for all of its experienced professionals.


we accredit IT institutional programmes or qualifications in South Africa in order to meet our requirement for professional registration ...

Board Exams

The ITCP™ is the entry-level qualification of ICITP, designed to create specialized practitioners in Information Technology whom are practically


A prospective applicant will not be eligible for levels of registration for which they do not qualify. All criteria need to be met.

Critical Skills

Welcome to the critical skills work visa and permit section. For those potential applicants for a work visa or permit to South Africa,...


Is your job safe? Is your C.V marketable? Can you prove your computer/digital literacy? Almost everyone is somewhat tech savvy nowadays, anyone can navigate a smartphone and make use of social media however, proving that you can input, store, edit, retrieve and communicate information using common programs that businesses utilize on a daily basis, can mean that you have skills that other candidates do not.