Professional Designation Classes

Attend Classes at an accredited college or university.

Group of Certified IT Managers, 2013

Obtaining Certified IT Manager (CITM-SA) designation is a great achievement in your IT career.

ICITP, South Africa

Professional Designation is now a requirement employments in the MICT Sector.

Professional Designations gives you recognition

ICITP designations gives you a good financial reward.

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ICITP Designations shows your comittment to the IT profession.

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Benefits of Professional Credential

Benefits of Professional Qualification

ICITP professional designations brings career diversity, success and financial reward. Professional designations e.g. CITT (Certified IT Technician), CNP (Certified Network Professional) or Chartered IT Professionals (SA) - CITP (SA) are highly recognised and respected qualifications in the information technology industry all over the world and represents a professional's commitment to and standing within the industry. Individuals... Read more

Accumulating CPD Points

CPD Points?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a means of assisting IT Professionals to understand more about their ever changing work environment, their chosen career and most importantly how to excel in this career path. CPD, as the name suggests is a continuous personal developmental process throughout our working lives.

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I.T Business Ideas

Great I.T Business Ideas

If you have a degree, diploma or certificate in information technology or you are a self-taught computer genius, you can start your own IT business. Consider starting your IT business as a side job and grow it over time.

1. Computer Repair

Computer Repair Business is a fast-growing industry. Most businesses rely on computers and need them repaired... Read more