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Requirements for Professional Designation

Professional Designation Requirements

The followings are the requirements for a professional designation.

  1. Certified copies of Academic Qualifications fron an accredited College or University.
  2. Copy of CV to verify work experience.
  3. Certified Copies of South African ID.
  4. Proof of residential

Send the above documents to

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What is IT Certified Professional – ITCP (SA)?

What is "IT Certified Professional – ITCP (SA)"?


IT Certified Professional – ITCP (SA) is the new standard for IT Professionals within the first few years of their career, awarded by the Institute of Chartered IT Professionals, South Africa.IT Certified Professional have proven fundamental standards of competence, education, experience, and... Read more

What is Chartered IT Professional – CITP (SA)?

What is Chartered IT Professional – CITP (SA)?


Chartered IT Professional - CITP (SA) is the gold standard accreditation for senior IT professionals customized for South Africa. Chartered IT Professional accreditation shows internationally agreed standards of competence, education, experience, and ethical conduct are met. This is a robust evidence-based qualification and... Read more